What are the advantages of peptides?

Peptides have many functions in the human body and are very important to the physiological activities of the human body. However, most people had no idea about the role of peptides in the human body. The human body contains not only proteins and amino acids but also a wide variety of peptides. We often say that small-molecule active peptides (abbreviated as active peptides) refer to peptide compounds that are beneficial to life activities or have physiological effects.
1. Easy to absorb Peptides are the most active functional breaks between large proteins and small amino acids into free amino acids, and the other two-thirds are absorbed in the form of peptides. The peptide form is better than the amino acid form, because, in the absorption process, the amino acid consumes more energy, absorbs slowly, and has a low absorption rate. It is also prone to diarrhea due to high osmotic pressure. The peptide is directly absorbed by the body in its functional form, which not only consumes less energy, and the absorption rate can reach almost 100% but also helps prevent high permeability diarrhea. This indicates that the biological potency and nutritional value of peptides are higher than those of amino acids.
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2. Unique physiological functions

In addition to being easier to absorb, the more important value of peptides is that they have unique physiological activities and medical and health care effects that protein and amino acids do not have, and have the triple effects of nutrition, health care, and treatment.

Various tissues in the organism such as bones, muscles, sensory organs, digestive system, endocrine system, reproductive system, immune system, peripheral and central nervous system, etc. all have active peptides. Specific oligopeptides and peptides have a variety of human metabolism and physiology. The regulating function can regulate the autonomic nervous system, activate the cellular immune function, improve cardiovascular function and anti-aging and other physiological activities. It also has hormone regulation, antibacterial, antiviral, the transmission of information, promotion of mineral absorption, detoxification, liver nourishment, and nourishment. Stomach, beauty, and other effects.

3. Rich nutritional value

In addition to being a high-quality, safe, and reliable nitrogen source, active peptides can directly participate in protein metabolism and correct malnutrition caused by abnormal metabolism, increased body consumption, reduced intake, and other reasons. It also has rich nutritional value. Different active peptides The biologically active substances contained in them have many special biological functions and have broad application prospects in clinical nutritional support and treatment. The national peptide collagen peptide is not only rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, it can meet the daily needs of the human body, but also can enhance the body’s immunity and resist the arrival of diseases.

4. Clinical application of peptides

At present, people have been able to use in vitro enzymatic hydrolysis to isolate a variety of biologically active peptides from animals, plants, and microorganisms. Peptides can be directly absorbed by the intestinal tract without degradation, and the absorption rate and absorption rate are higher than those of protein and amino acids. Therefore, it can be used as an enteral nutrition preparation or provided to people with special diseases in the form of liquid food. Clinical nutritional therapy is common in patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction, patients who are unable or unwilling to eat to meet the needs of the body, and patients with poor prognoses, such as pancreatitis, infectious bowel disease, short bowel syndrome, surgery, severe burns Wait.

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