• Product Name: MGF Peptide
  • Appearance: White lyophilized powder
  • Purity: 99%min
  • Specification: 10iu, 100iu
  • CAS No.: 77591-33-4

What Is MGF Peptide

MGF peptide(mechano growth factor), also known as IGF-AEc, is a member of the IGF-1(insulin-like growth factor 1) superfamily. It is a split variant or isotype of IGF-1, with a unique E domain and a 49bp insert in humans, which causes the reading frame to shift when the IGF-1 gene splicing produces a unique mature isoform. The role of MGF is to increase the proliferation of stem cells in a given tissue, thereby making recovery faster. MGF peptide can significantly extend the proliferation life of satellite cells isolated from newborns and young people, and delay the senescence of their satellite cells, but not the senescence of satellite cells isolated from adult muscles.

It plays an important role in the development of childhood and continues to have anabolic effects throughout adulthood. MGF is released in response to muscle stretching and movement, which is especially rich when the muscles are subjected to high-intensity weight training. MGF has the ability to promote the repair and growth of wasted tissue by activating muscle stem cells, thereby increasing the synthesis of proteins necessary for tissue growth. This peptide is ideal for anyone who suffers from muscle loss due to old age or special conditions.

MGF Peptide Uses

  1. The activities of MGF peptides include enhancing muscle satellite cell proliferation and delaying myoblast fusion.
  2. MGF peptides are also involved in the protective effect of preventing the death of nerve and cardiomyocytes. Therefore, the peptide may have a role in tissue growth and repair.
  3. It is related to improving muscle regeneration. These include delayed myoblast fusion and improved satellite cell proliferation.
  4. Increase cell function later in the cell cycle.Mechano growth factor can slow cell differentiation in the final stage of the cell cycle. In the cell cycle, the final stage is the ability of the cell to lose function, so it is basically useless at this point. Using Mechano growth factor to affect cells, cells can run longer before they die due to apoptosis.
  5. Muscle repair and growth efficiency.MGF has an effect on the production of muscle tissue, leading to increased cell proliferation in the injured area. It has been found that when the MGF protein is found in the tissues, the animal test subjects show a more effective ability to repair muscles and muscle growth.
  6. Increased secretion half-life. The presence of MGF can prolong the half-life of secretions, which is essential to assist the growth and repair of muscle and bone tissue. Due to the increased ability of cells to retain functions later in the cell cycle, this helps animal test subjects achieve homeostasis more effectively.

How Does MGF Work

IGF-1 is spliced with MGF, and MGF peptide induces hypertrophy and repairs local muscle damage. MGF is expressed by mechanically overloaded muscles and participates in tissue repair and adaptation. It is expressed as the pulse after muscle injury and participates in the activation of muscle satellite cells. These provide the nucleus to the muscle fibers needed for the repair and hypertrophy process may have similar regulatory mechanisms. MGF is essential to repair the growth of new cells, similar to IGF-1. If MGF is not PEGylated, the half-life is several minutes. Therefore, PEGylated MGF must be considered during the mixing process to ensure an appropriate half-life and prolong the action time.

MGF Peptide Benefits

  • Improve skeletal muscle regeneration. Because Mechano Growth Factor can prolong the half-life of cell secretion, and it is related to the growth of muscle and bone in animal test subjects, this peptide can achieve more effective construction and repair processes related to muscle and tissue.
  • Improved bone density. The function of MGFallows it to produce bone minerals more efficiently. In turn, this allows the bones of animal test subjects to increase their overall density more quickly.
  • Recover more effectively from injury. According to scientific research conducted on animal test subjects, the peptide has the ability to expand cell secretion, thereby causing damage to muscle fibers and bone tissue internally for a longer period of time. In this way, the extended time allows the subject’s body to recover from the injury faster than usual.

MGF peptide is used for diseases that require anabolic enhancement, including bone and soft tissue repair (for example, tendons, ligaments, muscles) after injury, sarcopenia (muscular atrophy), stroke or heart attack. MGF is particularly useful for individuals who need to enhance their recovery ability and muscle building after eccentric muscle load. MGF peptide has been welcomed and widely accepted by the bodybuilding industry and many fitness enthusiasts. Bodybuilders can use this peptide alone or in combination with other anabolic compounds. Megaman can supply MGF 2mg with competitive price, send us inquiry for more details and quotation now.

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