• Name: Thymosin beta 4 (TB-500)
  • Appearance: White lyophilized powder
  • Purity: 99% min
  • Specification: 2mg/vial, 5mg/vial
  • CAS No.: 77591-33-4

What Is TB-500 (thymosin beta 4)

TB-500 is a naturally-occurring peptide with high content in platelets, wound fluid and other tissues. The TB-500 peptide for research is not a growth factor, but a major actin regulatory protein peptide. TB 500 has been found to play an important role in the protection, regeneration and remodeling of injured and/or damaged tissues. The gene for thymosin Beta 4 was also found to be the first gene to be stimulated after injury.

Thymosin Beta 4 exists in almost all human and animal cells and is a naturally occurring wound healing peptide. TB 500 is a synthetic version of Thymosin Beta 4, which promotes healing and recovery by helping to build new blood vessels, muscle tissue fibers, blood cells and promote cell migration. For people who are overworked or injured, TB 500 has a very attractive wound healing effect.  If you wanna buy TB-500 peptide, please contact us now.

Why we take TB-500

The working principle of TB-500 is to build new blood vessels and muscle tissue fibers, while assisting new cell migration and blood cell reproduction. It works based on its ability to up-regulate cells to build proteins such as actin. Actin is a protein that forms muscle cell contractile filaments with myosin. Due to the up-regulation of actin, TB-500 can promote cell growth, cell migration, healing and cell proliferation. In addition, in addition to the additional benefits of creating new blood vessel pathways, inflammation has also been reduced, thereby promoting wound healing. After the injection, it will find the injured area and start working to repair the damaged tissue.

The molecular structure and low molecular weight of TB-500 make it very flexible and can travel long distances in the body. Thereby improving its ability to pass the distance of various human tissues. This accelerated ability to move throughout the body allows the TB-500 to fundamentally target the injured area, thereby quickly starting the healing process. Therefore, it can have systemic effects to help local and distant injuries, including reducing inflammation and optimizing flexibility.

More About TB-500 Peptide

This synthetic peptide has many advantages and no known side effects, which makes it an ideal peptide for seeking muscle growth and fast recovery time. TB-500 has been proven to help heal injuries of tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin, heart and even eyes. People who have used TB-500 after a heart attack recover faster.

It also helps increase strength through muscle growth. TB-500 can also shorten healing time, improve endurance, relieve acute and chronic pain, cramps and inflammation, protect and restore neurons after brain injury, and even help hair regeneration and increase elasticity.

  • Improve endurance.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Increase hair growth.
  • Increase strength through muscle growth.
  • Speed up the wound healing process.
  • Reduce acute/chronic pain and inflammation.

Treat brain damage and disease. A comprehensive review conducted in 2015 found that TB-500 has great potential as a regenerative therapy for nerve damage and degeneration. It can not only promote the neuroplasticity of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, but also can significantly improve behavior through expansion. Another study conducted in cell culture found that thymosin Beta-4 has the ability to stabilize the blood-brain barrier and contribute to cognitive health.

Help repair various organ damage. Beta-4 is considered to be a new type of drug for the treatment of liver diseases (such as liver fibrosis), which involves liver dysfunction due to excessive scar formation.

Significantly reduce the damage caused by injury and reduce the chance of wound inflammation. In addition, the regeneration of thymosin β-4 can also be observed in stroke and myocardial infarction.

Thymosin Beta-4 has a therapeutic effect on nerve cell injury. Most peptide lovers did not pay attention to this, but thymosin β-4 can be used to treat nerve cell damage, which currently exists in diseases such as peripheral neuropathy. This means that thymosin β-4 may be useful for treating muscle atrophy, paralysis, severe pain, and other symptoms related to peripheral neuropathy.

Heals ligament injuries. In the rat experiment, thymosin Beta-4 can restore ligament injury 4 weeks after surgery, while also restoring biomechanical movement and integrity. After the wound is completely healed, the collagen fibers will be evenly distributed.

The dose of TB 500 ranges from 5 mg to 20 mg per week. Administration is usually divided into 2-3 injections per week. Once the peptide is established in the system, the weekly dose is usually reduced slightly to the maintenance dose, which is about half or less of the original weekly dose. A maintenance dose can be taken once a week.

Note: TB-500 is usually injected subcutaneously, but it can also be injected into the muscle if needed.

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