• Product Name: DSIP
  • Appearance: White lyophilized powder
  • Purity: 99% min
  • Specification: 2mg/vial
  • CAS No.: 62568-57-4

What Is DSIP Peptide

DSIP peptide, with the full name of delta sleep inducing peptide, is a well-known neuromodulator and natural sleep-promoting non-peptide, which has many other physical functions. DSIP is described as a substance that can promote sleep rather than a sedative. In the case of disturbed sleep, sleep and wakefulness functions will have greater activity regulation. It usually exists in the brain and easily passes through the blood-brain barrier. DSIP peptide and its analogs belong to polypeptide neuromodulators. The research also shows that DSIP has shown a stress protection behavior that helps reduce stress metabolism disorders in humans and animals. The way the DSIP peptide works is that it regulates the activity of gaba, glutamate and other neuronal systems.

Uses of delta sleep inducing peptide

  1. DSIP can restore disordered sleep patterns.
  2. DSIP peptide can promote the release of LH and GH.
  3. DSIP peptide can significantly reduce pain and improve mood. It may be useful for patients who are physically dependent on other analgesics because it helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and pain rebound that often occurs after stopping long-term analgesia.  
  4. Regulate the production of cortisol.
  5. It is used to treat poor sleep, pain, stress-related symptoms, low testosterone, and sometimes even as an antioxidant and anti-cancer protein.
  6. It can exhibit significant stress protection and reduce stress-induced metabolic and dysfunctional human and animal organisms exposed to various stresses.
  7. Clinical applications of DSIP peptide already exist, which can be used to treat alcohol and opioid withdrawal.
  8. DSIP may have a wide range of physiological and muscle strengthening effects. Studies have found that DSIP can inhibit somatostatin(a protein produced in cell muscles), which can keep muscle growth. By inhibiting somatostatin, DSIP causes skeletal muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia.
  9. DSIP has been shown to have anticonvulsant effects in rats. It can increase the convulsion threshold induced by NMDA and bitter toxins. This anticonvulsant effect may undergo diurnal changes, and greater antiepileptic activity is observed at night.
  10. Decreased mortality and decreased function after ischemia were observed in rats that received bilateral carotid artery ligation. DSIP also reduced brain swelling in a rat model of toxic brain edema.

How Does DSIP Work

DSIP can regulate the secretion of ATH and LH hormone. Under a healthy circadian rhythm, ACTH should follow the principle of being at a normal level in the morning, gradually decreasing during the day, and reaching a minimum level at night. Some studies have shown that DSIP can significantly reduce ACTH levels, thereby promoting the body to enter a normal sleep state.

How to Use DSIP Peptide

Delta sleep inducing peptide can induce better sleep and relieve emotional and psychological stress response despite the stress. It is not recommended to perform DSIP peptide before going to bed. This drug should be taken during the day to help improve sleep the next night and the next few days. But delta sleep inducing peptide is only effective for the short-term and isn’t effective for the long-term management of insomnia.

In the case of disturbed sleep, sleep and wakefulness functions will have greater activity regulation. The problem with many sleeping pills is that they change the time or duration of the sleep cycle. While these cycles are related to important physiological processes and the production of anabolic hormones. DSIP peptide won’t change these sleep stages. It can just increase the ability to fall asleep and provide a more peaceful sleep.

DSIP peptide is usually present in the blood in tiny amounts. Brain and plasma DSIP concentrations show significant diurnal changes. And it has been demonstrated that there is a correlation between human DSIP plasma concentrations and circadian rhythms. The concentration is lower in the morning and higher in the afternoon. The increase in the concentration of endogenous DSIP peptide has been shown to be related to the suppression of slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement sleep, as well as to body temperature.

Compared with most other peptides, DSIP is different in that it can freely cross the blood0brain barrier and is easily absorbed from the intestine without being denatured by enzymes. DSIP can be detected by radioimmunoassay, enzyme immunoassay and high performance liquid chromatography. The half-life of DSIP peptide in human plasma is 7-8 minutes. It is degraded in the blood, and the pathway involves aminopeptidase. Therefore, there may be potential drug interactions between DSIP and drugs that are inhibited by peptidase or metabolized by themselves.

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