• Product Name: S-23
  • Appearance: White fine powder
  • Purity: 99% min
  • Package: Pack by foil bag
  • CAS No.: 1010396-29-8

What Is S-23 Sarm

Many users claim that S-23 sarm is one of the most effective and powerful SARMS on the market and is a complete androgen receptor agonist. Naturally, this makes S-23 highly inhibitory and comparable to steroids in terms of experienced testosterone suppression. Some people even say that it is more powerful that S-4 andarine. It is produced by changing the chemical structure of a compound named C-6. S-23 is actually an improved version of C-6, showing higher bioavailability and higher binding affinity. S-23 sarm has a very higher bioavailability, up to 96%, and shows one of the highest binding affinity of all SARMS, comparable to LGD-4033.

S-23 is becoming more and more popular in bodybuilding. It is said that it can effectively increase muscle mass and reduce fat with minimal side effects. S-23 sarm can also help increase sexual motivation of women. Other potential uses include preventing muscle loss and increasing bone density.

Benefits of S-23 Sarm

  • Increase muscle mass. With S-23 powder, users will see crazy muscle growth. The effect of S-23 in promoting muscle growth is even comparable to that of potent steroids. However, remember that training and diet are still the most important parts. Although S-23 is very strong, it won’t help without proper training and nutrition. In addition, if you don’t continue training after the cycle ends, you are likely to lose most of your gains.
  • Increase strength.Increasing power is also one of the powerful benefit of S-23. The increase in strength will also be crazy, comparable to the strength you get in a normal steroid cycle. When it comes to maintaining this power, please reserve a little bit. You may not be able to maintain all the strength gains, but with proper training after the cycle, you may be able to maintain most of it.
  • Reduce fat. S-23 sarm can promote fat loss, not as successful as Stenabolic or Cardarine, but it still does a good job. This means you will be able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. When there are excess calories, you can even lose some fat.
  • Improve endurance. It will give you better endurance to a certain extent. It won’t be as powerful as some other compounds, but it won’t be as powerful as some other compounds, but it will still be obvious. You will be able to exercise for longer periods of time and don’t need to rest too many times between sets.
  • Shorten recovery time. The usual recovery time after strenuous gym training is 72 hours. People who took S-23 sarm reported that their recovery time was shorten to less than one day. This will allow you to exercise more frequently, so you will get better results.

We recommend that users start with a dose of 5mg per day. The dosage is 5-10 mg for women and 20-30 mg for men. It is best to take it 30-40 minutes before exercise and after dinner. S-23 half life is 12 hours, which means you need to divide your daily dose into two portions, taking the first portion in the morning and the second portion in the evening. Generally, the use cycle is 8 weeks, but this will vary depending on individual needs. S-23 is bet for men to use for 8-12 weeks and women for 4 and a half months. It is estimated that S-23 SARM can help you gain about 15 to 20 pounds of muscle mass in an eight-week cycle. For information and use guide, inquiry us now.

S-23 has a good ratio of anabolic and androgenic effects. It can help stimulate new muscle cells and bone tissue by mimicking the effects of testosterone. In fact, SARM S-23 can harden muscles, encourage lean muscle mass and bone tissue growth, prevent muscle atrophy, and promote fat loss.

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